Norman Invasion (1066) and The Banking Cartel

Norman Invasion (1066) and The Banking Cartel

IN responding to Reed concerning the Jewish connection to common law evolution, I almost missed another direct connection between the invasion of William the Conqueror of the Anglo-Saxons in 1066, and a very direct connection to the then existing banking power in Europe. As the history below shows, the connection between William and the banking cartel then existing was quite direct.

Back during mid-twentieth century, historian Max DiMont wrote two very large and acclaimed treatises on Jewish history.  His study shows quite a few direct ties between common law and Torah as well as Talmud. For example:
“It was William the Conqueror, bastard son of Duke Robert of Normandy, and the daughter of a tanner, who brought England into the mainstream of European history… he viewed his new Anglo-Saxon subjects as swilling swine, crawling with lice, incapable of developing an economy… William brought over a contingent of French Jews to establish commerce and banking for the country…”