The New Religion of Kabbalah

The New Religion of Kabbalah

SINCE THIS SO-CALLED RELIGION seems to be growing, thought we should take a look at it and see what now is to be taught the Christians, especially our youth.

We turn to the story carried in the Washington Times and also Time Magazine as to this new religion for the millennium, so they say.

The Director of the Karim Kabbalah Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, explained this mysticism of Kabbalahism. She says that the members practice a once secret aspect of Judaism called Kabbalah. The students pray and practice mysticism as the route to understanding.

Kabbalah was popular in Europe in the Middle-Ages when it was passed on then to Jewish men over forty who were deemed to have the maturity and pristine spirituality to handle mysticisms power.

The followers of this so called new faith claim that although studying Jewish text and achieving a more intricate relationship with God. Through Cabalism they can understand the hidden meanings of the Torah, and can then call on God to alter himself on their behalf.

(So now then, man is greater than God? Does this not suggest that there was a people who were able to commune with God, their Father, which Jewish mysticism does not understand? For with Seth, as the Aryans came out of the Tarim Basin, they were once calling themselves the “Sons of Yahweh.” This, the old books confirm. Whereas Judaism claims to the people of the Bible only start with Abraham and then Moses.)