New Age For God’s Kingdom, Israel in The Earth

New Age For God’s Kingdom, Israel in The Earth

WE TURN TO THE DISCUSSION OF THE DESTINY OF THE NATIONS. Especially as it relates to us in one of the great turbulent periods of our History.

We have been hearing of the meeting of the President and his cabinet with the leaders of Great Britain. And in this meeting, they are trying to find solutions for the problems of the world. They say they are discussing great problems. And out of these discussions will come decisions that will decide the destiny of the world today.

We as the children of the most HIGH YAHWEH understand what is to happen in the earth and we know that we will see a lot of these decisions overruled. However never fear, the nations of God’s Kingdom will survive. When we understand the background behind our race and the nations that emerged, from that background then we understand that YAHWEH has a great and tremendous purpose for his nations in the earth, and that they shall never be over thrown, or never be destroyed by the power of darkness in the world today.

We will consider the events around the crucifixion of the Christ and we will see that one of those events that stood out was the remarkable loyalty of the disciples of the Christ in the carrying forward of the principals of truth of the resurrection after they had been through this and realised the significance of the resurrection.