Mussolini and Churchill

Mussolini and Churchill

HERE is a shocker: Winston Churchill carried on personal correspondence with his “deadly enemy,” Benito Mussolini, not only before but during World War II. More extraordinary still, just wait till you learn the contents of those remarkable letters.

“History shall be kind to me, because intend to write it.” —Winston Churchill

In 1952 Luigi Carissimi-Priori (right) was offered 100,000 pounds by British sources for photocopies of correspondence between Mussolini (front cover) and Churchill (left).

Although still a popular controversy in Italy and, to a lesser degree, Britain and the United States, personal correspondence Winston Churchill carried on with Benito Mussolini before and during World War II is virtually unknown to the rest of the outside world. While such communication between two international statesmen who, publicly at any rate, were deadly enemies may not seem all that significant or even extraordinary, the supposed content of their letters makes them potentially significant in the extreme.