More on Past Stonehenge Renovations Part 1

More on Past Stonehenge Renovations Part 1

Shock: 1954 Photos Show Stonehenge Being Built

THIS RUSSIAN WEBSITE SHOWS STUNNING PHOTOS OF WHAT APPEARS TO BE STONEHENGE BEING BUILT. The author provides a detailed information about how the British government/military built this new age cult site and speculates the fact that it may have actually built from scratch or at least remodelled. The author also contends it may be a replica of the original. The pictures are stunning nonetheless.

Below is a rough Google translation of the author’s analysis.

Note: I suggest you save a copy of these photos “just in case” they disappear or the website gets conveniently shut down. You never know…

Stonehenge. Filming 1954-1958

At all times, all governments agencies (and especially external private Interests) engaged in forgery. Pictures of 1954 and 1958.