Britain’s God-Given Scientific Heritage Destroyed by Metrication Madness

Britain’s God-Given Scientific Heritage Destroyed by Metrication Madness

THE ABANDONMENT OF THE IMPERIAL SYSTEM OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES IN FAVOUR OF THE METRIC SYSTEM, which owes its origin to the period of the French Revolution, has been a scientific blunder the scale of which, even after five decades, the British Establishment has little comprehension. It was all brought about as part of the long-term plan to submerge Britain and its unique scientific heritage into the political agenda of the European Project.

Even a passionate pro-European like the late Baron Peter Rawlinson, PC, QC, who was Attorney-General for England and Wales from 1970-1974 said that meddling by Brussels in the British legal system undermined everything the EU was meant to stand for. In an article for the Daily Mail on 21 August 1995 he wrote:

“A diktat apparently from Brussels bureaucrats and agreed to by the British Government in 1989 (under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher) is to be enforced from October [1995]. The Lord High Chancellor – who, even in his wig and buckled shoes, stands at probably less than 1.808 metres – has written to managers of the nation’s law circuits instructing them to implement the directive in all British courts.”

This directive imposed metric measurements of length on Britain.