Martin Bormann – Timeline

Martin Bormann – Timeline

Martin Bormann -1944-56: M Section MI6 Agent – Nazi Party Treasurer?

1900, 17 June – Martin Bormann is born in Wegeleben, a small village near Halberstadt near Germany’s Hartz mountains, to a strict Lutheran family.1920, 24 Feb – Formation of the Nazi party, NSDAP, in Munich, Germany by group including Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Ernst Rohm, Dietrich Eckart, Anton Drexler, Gottfried Feder, Hans Frank and the Nazi party’s ‘spiritual father’ Alfred Rosenberg.

1922 – Bormann joins Freikorps Rossbach, the military wing of the Deutschvölkische Freiheitspartei (DFP), one of many far right political/military groups fighting Germany’s trades unions and Communists.1923 – Pan-European Union formed in Munich, Paneuropa manifesto published by Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, financed by Max Warburg via Lionel de Rothschild.

1923, 31 May – Having risen in the Freikorps after providing land for them to train on, Bormann orders murder of his 63 year old former school teacher Walter Kadow who he suspects of being a communist spy. Prime suspect for the actual murder Rudolf Höss, future commander of Auschwitz concentration camp, was sentenced to ten years in prison.

On March 24th, 1924, Bormann was sentenced to one year in prison for ordering the killing, guaranteeing his and Höss’ status as far right martyrs.1927, 19 February – Bormann joins Nazi party NSDAP. Membership number 605081928 – Bormann made Nazis Thüringen region leader nr. Gotha, Coburg & Altenburg.