The Manifestation of The Sons of God

The Manifestation of The Sons of God

WE MENTIONED LAST SUNDAY ABOUT THE FACT THAT THE BAPTIST CONVENTION WAS FAR TO THE LEFT, and then the Liberal theologians were way off to the left. For they are talking about the total integration of all people. They are not going to pay any attention to any of the old stuff, for everyone is a Christian now days.

So today everyone is to worship together, and they are going to marry together, and live together. Everyone is the same for they all came from Adam and then all came from Noah. So they are making these statements.
Now we mentioned this last Sunday. They say the first one to be baptized was of course the Ethiopian. And we told you last Sunday that this Ethiopian was a white Israelite, and not a Negro. But the reason why they thought he was a black man was that he came from North Africa. But in scriptures they referred to this man as an Ethiopian just as you would to one from Europe as a European.

The fact of the matter was that he was reading Hebrew, and was heading for Jerusalem and the Temple. And at that time they would not have allowed a Negro in the Temple in Jerusalem. And besides, the Negroes did not read Hebrew in those days. In fact this was a man at the head of the Treasury of Queen Caddice the Ethiopian queen and Israelite from the colony of long ago started by Queen Sheba and the son of Solomon. This man was the chief of the treasury and a man of great brilliance. And he was baptized by Philip while he was on the way to the temple.