The Stories of Lost Israel in Folklore Appendix

The Stories of Lost Israel in Folklore Appendix

MANY REASONS AND MOTIVES have prompted men to assume other names. Circumstances have arisen which, for the sake of protection, have called for an alias. The hiding of a man’s identity beneath an assumed name has enabled him to pass unnoticed where recognition would have involved peril. One of the most difficult tasks of police authorities is to strip a suspected person of any aliases under which he or she may have been living in order to disclose the individual’s true identity. Men have mysteriously disappeared from their frequented environments by the simple device of changing their names. Memory is short and a person is soon forgotten, although he may be still living in very close proximity to his former surroundings. Thus, the use of an alias is an extremely effective means of obscuring identity.

A Whole Race Disappears

Only once in human history, with its multitudinous vagaries, has it been recorded that a whole race completely disappeared from sight, seeming to leave no trace behind it. So completely was its identity obliterated that, although still in existence and better known to the whole world than any of its contemporaries, the nations comprising it having a foremost place in history and envied by those striving for world dominion, it still passes unrecognised by the world generally as to its true identity.

A commonwealth of nations and a great nation living under an alias! Truth is often stranger than fiction and it would need the pen of a genius and the imagination of some great writer to vividly depict and weave into story form this hiding of nations and the obscuring of their identity while they unobtrusively play the great­est role that has even been the lot of any race in the unfolding drama of human relationships.