Lines of Credit Ropes of Bondage

Lines of Credit Ropes of Bondage

LINES OF CREDIT: ROPES OF BONDAGE is about the financiers, their fellow conspirators and the plot to destroy Western Christian civilization. It was written for the concerned American – not for the skeptic.

In likelihood, the skeptic will, without ever having read it, dismiss this – with a roll of the eyes and wave of the hand while at the same time declaring it to he outrageous fiction – just another attempt to promote the “conspiracy theory of history.”

Quite honestly, I did not write LINES OF CREDIT: ROPES OF BONDAGE with a hope or intention of convincing those “doubting Thomases” who, unlike the Apostle Thomas who finally believed, will continue to deny the existence of the conspiracy in spite of overwhelming and conclusive evidence to the contrary. Actually these skeptics are important to the conspirators; they are the “useful idiots” so cherished by Lenin.

Primarily, this work was written for anyone who suspects that there is much more to modern European and American history than can be learned from the standard and approved history textbooks. This work is written for the God-fearing citizen who finds it difficult to believe that our country fought two world wars and spilled the blood of our sons supposedly to make the world free for all mankind, when in actuality we made it possible for two bloodiest empires in history to enslave over a fourth of the world’s people in godless communism.