Light From Nahum

Light From Nahum

IN THIS LAODICEAN CHURCH AGE IN WHICH WE LIVE, we see the Scriptures of Truth under increasing assault from the forces of Modernism and self-styled Higher Criticism. The Virgin Birth, miraculous ministry and even the Resurrection of our Lord are questioned by our leading Churchmen and the faith of many is being daily undermined. We, in the Israel-identity movement, who accept the National Historicist interpretation of the Prophetic Scriptures have however,” —a more sure word of prophecy–-” which, says Peter” —shineth in a dark place until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts”. (II Peter 1 V. 19).

We know that Almighty God in His sovereign plan and purpose, allowed the knowledge of our Israel-identity to come to the fore at just that period of time when Modernism began to arise and had our message been accepted by the Evangelicals, faith in God and His Word would have been re-established and confirmed. There is no doubt, whatsoever, but that prophecy fulfilled in history constitutes the most convincing proof of the Inspiration and Inerrancy of God’s Word; this can be well illustrated by a study of one of the least known of the so-called Minor Prophets – Nahum.

Who was Nahum?

The meaning of names was of great significance to the ancient Israelites and the name “Nahum” means ‘consoler’ or ‘comforter’. We are told little about him except that in the opening verse of his book, he is described as an Elkoshite. Whilst Nahum ministered in Judah, some Bible scholars suggest that Elkosh may have been a village in the area of Galilee, and they point out that the town of Capernaum, the centre of Christ’s ministry means the ‘village of Nahum’, and that, therefore, the birth place of the prophet may have been nearby. There is also said to have been a town called Elkosh, twenty miles north of Nineveh the object of Nahum’s prophecy and some have suggested that he may have been of the Ten Tribes of Israel carried away captive by the Assyrians.