The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel

The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel

Entering the countries of different races is the most effective form of war between Jews and the western world, and is known as the Silent War, which takes place at different times of this century, mainly in the United States and Britain.

Generally, it is used under the pretext of the need for other races to fill gaps in the labour market in a given country (although of course, the Jews brought Africans to America to sell them as slaves), and the electorate of the countries concerned is never asked if they want immigrants in their country. Jews support immigration to countries for the following reasons:

According to their latest book, the Talmud, the population of the world is perceived by Jews as consisting of Jews and non-Jews (also known as

Goje / goyim, Goj / goy, poganie / gentiles). The only end result of immigration is the destruction of all races, because they mingle with each other and form one race. This race will be non-Jews.

The Jews always wanted a world government that would randomly control. Thanks to the mix of different races in different countries, they can argue that since every country in the world now consists of many different races, national borders are unnecessary and should be replaced by one world government.

The Jews know very well about the danger of a homogeneous indigenous population for their dreams about the Jewish world government, they have already been expelled from so many countries several times in history because of the natural response of the homogeneous population against their evil and exploitative actions.

Bringing foreign peoples to the country as citizens eliminates the threat from the native population acting as a unitary body. This is because two different cultures and customs of both nations are difficult to accept for each of them. When these two groups are occupied with the solution to this problem, the Jews use invisibility to do whatever they want to do.