Lies Verses Truth, Facts Verses Fiction, Reality Verses Hoax

Lies Verses Truth, Facts Verses Fiction, Reality Verses Hoax

The whole communications media is controlled by the greatest liars and con merchants on the planet. They spin lies everyday, all the time, unceasingly and without end. The people are entrapped and ensnared in all their falsehoods like a fly in a web.

HOAX. Taxation pays for the expenses of government. Taxation is legalised theft. Interest to the Bankers on their fraudulent “loans”.

The distinguished title given to tax collectors (H.M. Inspector of Taxes) is a falsehood and a lie.

The control of money is not vested in the crown. Not vested in the Queen in parliament where it should be. Tax collectors are not operat­ing on behalf of her Majesty the Queen. Not oper­ating on behalf of the British people or parliament whose powers regarding money are “non-existent”. They are working entirely on behalf of “the present hidden beneficiaries of taxation” [Captain Henry Kirby M.P.] in other words, the international Jewish financiers – Rothschild and company. Under this system, it should be clear to all that taxa­tion is nothing more than legalised theft. Inter­est to the bankers on their fictitious “loans”. En­riching them and impoverishing the people. Tax col­lectors should be known truthfully and honestly as Rothschild’s tax collectors.