Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 74

Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 74

THIS IS MY SEVENTY-FOURTH MONTHLY TEACHING LETTER AND CONTINUES MY SEVENTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. With this lesson we will continue our series on the importance of Yahweh’s Anointed witness, Herodotus.


During the past six or seven years The Learning Channel (TLC), on television has been showing an archaeological special entitled The Frozen Tombs Of Siberia. My video copy actually shows the graves of the Scythian people, or the Lost Tribes of Israel in their migrations. Not only that, but these Scythian burials fit Herodotus’ description of the Scythian customs in his Book IV very well.

To show you how the archaeologists’ spade is vindicating the writings of Herodotus, I will now quote a passage from the book The Celts by Gerhard Herm, pages 105-107. While some of the statements may seem strange, I will make some explanations during and after the quotation:-

“Of yet others Herodotus says that they regularly scalped their victims and made towels or garments from the skins. What is more, members of the nearby tribe were said to be magicians, every year changing themselves for a few days into wolves; and the tribe itself was said to be composed of cannibals.