Letter 94

Letter 94


THIS IS MY NINETY-FOURTH MONTHLY TEACHING LETTER AND CONTINUES MY EIGHTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. With this WTL, we’ll continue our defence of the apostle Paul. At this point, we’ll again turn the narration over to William Finck, and he’ll continue where he left off in lesson #93:

Here we shall continue to address Clayton R. Douglas’ article “The Seduction: Judeo-Christian OR Pauline Christianity?” from the December 2003 issue of his Free American Newsmagazine. I hope to have already pointed out that, while rejecting Paul, in reality Douglas has also rejected much of the rest of the Bible, although he pretends to acknowledge those parts of it which evidently suit his own distorted views. While pretending to be a Christian, most of Douglas’ claims concerning the Bible may get a warm reception from readers of The Trumpet or The Jerusalem Post. Yet because much of Douglas’ audience is Christian, and many of them Israel Identity, his oblique misinterpretations must be addressed.

Reference 5: Clay Douglas states: “Did you know that Paul/Saul of Tarsus wrote almost two-thirds of the New Testament? I’ll bet you didn’t.”