Letter 93

Letter 93


THIS IS MY NINETY-THIRD MONTHLY TEACHING LETTER AND CONTINUES MY EIGHTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. As I promised in Watchman’s Teaching Letter #92 for December, 2005, we would continue on the subject of the apostle Paul. For this, I will turn you over again to William Finck, as I requested that he write the next segment in our defence of Paul:

This past summer while Clifton was preparing the Open Letter in Response to H. Graber for publication in the last four of these Watchman’s Teaching Letters, one of his readers sent him a couple of articles found in Free American Newsmagazine, which much like the trash Graber had produced, were written to attack and discredit Paul of Tarsus.

These articles were published in the December, 2003 and January, 2004 issues, and written by Clayton R. Douglas, the magazine’s publisher. For the purpose of responding to them properly, the articles shall be fully and faithfully reproduced here, and it shall take several issues of the WTL to do so. First, however, I shall respond to some of the statements made by Douglas in his December, 2003 “Publisher’s Corner”, where he prepares his readers for his subsequent Paul-bashing articles, but which I shall not fully address.