Letter 91

Letter 91


THIS IS MY NINETY-FIRST MONTHLY TEACHING LETTER AND CONTINUES MY EIGHTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. With this lesson, we’ll continue with William Finck’s Open Letter Responding To H. Graber, where Graber makes all kinds of harsh allegations against the apostle Paul. You will need lesson #’s 89 & 90 in this series, or you will not fully understand this one. Here we must review a statement which H. Graber made at Reference J: “the Law:

The doctrine of the professed apostle Paul very emphatically negates the Laws of God. by What Authority? We read in Romans 1:17, ‘For therein is righteousness [sic] of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, the just shall live by faith.’ (Not the law) —Reference J-2”

William Finck answers J-2: Among other things in this paragraph, discussed above at J, Paul is accused by Graber of “many times” misquoting the Old Testament, a blatant lie once one sees that:

(a) the majority of Paul’s quotes agree with the Septuagint rather than the AV.

(b) often Paul is simply paraphrasing rather than quoting

(c) quote marks were not used in Greek, they belong to modern translators