Letter 90

Letter 90


THIS IS MY 90TH MONTHLY TEACHING LETTER AND I WILL CONTINUE WITH WILLIAM FINCK’S AN OPEN LETTER RESPONDING TO H. GRABER, where Graber makes all kinds of harsh allegations against the apostle Paul. You will need #89 in this series, or you will not fully understand this one:

To continue by examining another part of this paragraph at F, I will discuss his lies concerning Galatians 4:14. Quoting my own translation of this verse: “And of my trial in the flesh you did not despise or loathe, but as a messenger of Yahweh you accepted me, like Yahshua Christ.” It may be proven (start by reading 4:15) that Paul’s “trial in the flesh” was his failed eyesight (see also Gal. 6:11), and he was here commending the Galatians for treating him respectably, even though he had such a disability.

Paul is not elevating himself to the position of Christ, but rather is commending the Galatians for abiding by the words of Christ, expressed at Matthew 10:40: “He that receiveth you receiveth me”! Paul is being fair in his assessment. Is Mr. Graber? Who is a liar, but H. Graber? It is obvious that Graber does not know his Scripture, yet makes many accusations. The jews did the same thing to Christ!