Lethal Tender

Lethal Tender

For the attention of Mr Nicholas Catton
EB Division,
HM Treasury
Parliament Street
London SW1P 3AG March 17th 1993

Dear Mr Catton, Ref: ‘From Miner To Major’ 13/1/1993.

Thank you for your letter of March 2, needless to say, it seems to be in reply to an entirely different letter to the one I sent to Mr Major. However, we have managed to obtain confirmation from your Treasury colleague, Anthony Nelson; that the options set out in my letter of January 13th 1993, entitled “Miner to Major” are indeed workable. His evidence, endorses our contention that the cost-free, sustainable alternatives to pit & plant closures, mentioned to the Prime Minister do in fact exist:

The only issue still remaining unanswered, is whether these genuine problem-solving alternatives, known of, and now confirmed by H.M. Treasury, are being denied to us by design or natural ignorance. Perhaps you could be more forthcoming in this regard? Mr Nelson’s letter of February 22nd, Ref: 47a/2 est.vd/cdoc/h….., inadvertently lets this particular cat out of the bag, i.e., that Parliament could, if it so desired, finance or subsidise – Free of cost and inflation – all government spending; including Public-works; Public Health, Social-Services, Public transport, the Armed Forces and the hard pressed police, fire, and ambulance services, through sound, socially responsible funding, which exposes Mr Heseltine’s lie, where he says: “There Are No Cost Free Options”. [TANKCO]