Lectures on Ancient Israel (1-3)

Lectures on Ancient Israel (1-3)

THE following Lectures are intended to prove, that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who is verily a God of truth, is fulfilling His word with regard to the multitudinous seed,—the many nations to come of the house of Ephraim; and that as truly as He has accomplished His purpose, in giving the One Seed, Christ, to come of the house of Judah. These nations have, from the begin­ning, been in a state of training for their high and important destiny, that of sheering forth the praise of Jehovah, who is the God of Nature and of Provi­dence, as well as of Redemption, and whose wondrous wisdom is manifest in all.

The author holds, with many modern students of prophecy, that the prophecies must he literally fulfilled; and that Judah must mean Judah, and Israel mean, literally, Israel. At the same timer he agrees with those who apply, to these Christian nations, many of the prophecies respecting Israel: believing, as he does, that these nations have not merely come into the place of ancient Israel, but are truly the seed of Abraham according to the flesh—are of the so-called “lost house” of Israel—the leading tribe of which was Ephraim.

These nations have been brought forth at the time, and is the place predicted: they are the modern nations of Europe,—and especially those of Saxon race, whose glorious privilege it now is, to preach the gospel for a witness unto all nations ere the end come. how the promised aced have come to be sown in these countries, is accounted for in the latter part of the course; but the author earnestly requests a careful perusal of the first six. Lectures, as it is upon the Scriptural foundation there laid, that his after conclusions chiefly rest.

These he has supported by proof, as various in kind, and great in quantity, as, he trusts, will be requisite to substantiate the truth of the view he has been led to entertain. The plan of the Lecturer has been to look on the subject in all points of view: but especially in the light of God’s word. In that light would ever rejoice to look upon all around him, upon the world and its inhabitant, man; And the wondrous course of God’s providence, which all hath had respect to His people of Israel,–of whom He hath said in truth, “I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away.” Even after they were seemingly cast away, the God of ,Abraham still declared, by his prophet Jeremiah,—
“I am a Father to Israel,