The Laws Against Non-Jews

The Laws Against Non-Jews

I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THIS CAME FROM, EXCEPT THE PERSON WHO SENT IT TO ME SAID THAT HE WAS A RABBI IN ISRAEL, and that if I gave out his email address that the powers that be in Israel would assassinate him. Whether this is true or not I have no idea, but I will honour his request and have already destroyed his email address.

He said that he had been reading my posts for sometime because all posts that are not favourable to the Jews is sent to Israel for compilation and are filed under the email address and name whom the post is sent under. Thus if anyone of those people were to go to Israel at some future time would be immediately jailed and probably killed in some (sic) “accident.”

But at any rate he said that he was putting his life in my hands by sending me this. But that it would appear from my posts that I was a sincere dedicated man and would honour his request. That I have done.

So those of you who take the time to read this post keep all this in mind. It is not my writing, and I have no idea whose it is, I suppose it is from the rabbi or supposed to be rabbi that sent it to me. At any rate you be the judge for it appears to be pretty truthful to me, and does reveal a few things about Judaism that I did not know.

One thing to keep in mind also, that whenever he speaks of a “Gentile” he is talking about a Christian.