The Knight of the Scarlet Thread

The Knight of the Scarlet Thread

IN 1892, A SERIES OF BOOKS WERE WRITTEN BY CHARLES A. L. TOTTEN, 1st Lieut. 4th Artillery, U.S.A. Professor of Military Science and Tactics. S.S.S. of Yale University.

Professor Totten made an intense study to try to unravel the ‘Saxon’ riddle. The books he wrote in this study were published by ‘Our Race Publishing Company, New Haven, Conn.’

Dr. Swift had several of these old books which of course are no longer available and in our visit with Mrs. Swift, this September of 1978, she gave me one of these old books and suggested that I prepare a summary of some of the interesting parts of this story ‘The Renewal of History,’ series II; No. 5 of Totten’s works. This is the story of how the Empire was rebuilt and replanted as we are told in scripture and history.

EOCHAIDH, THE HEREMONN The Knight of the Scarlet Thread’

In this study, the author proves that the reigns of the Kings of Israel and the Kings of Judah harmonize. And that what some chronologists failed to see, was that some events were from the sacred calendar and some from the civil calendar. And that the writers of scripture knew exactly what they were telling you, even though some translators and chronologists did not understand. The author also compares the Dynasties of Egypt to bring out that corruption of the office of Pharaoh produced the ruler who knew not Joseph. Thus, brought oppression to Israel in their last years in Egypt. Then he covers the genealogies of Pharez and Zarah, the twin sons of Judah to bring you to the conclusion with the story of Eochaidh, the Heremonn, the Knight of the Scarlet Thread. (Genesis 38:27-30)