The Kissinger Betrayal Plan for Rhodesia

The Kissinger Betrayal Plan for Rhodesia

C. H. DOUGLAS OBSERVED THAT INTERNATIONAL FINANCE HAS AT ITS SERVICE THE BEST BRAINS WHICH MONEY CAN BUY. John Maynard Keynes, the economist who so skilfully perverted the challenge of Social Credit with his deficit spending and “controlled inflation” programme, was not lacking in brains.

While Dr. Henry Kissinger may not be quite the genius suggested by the public relations men who laud him, the Jewish refugee from Germany was seen by the Rockefellers and associates as a man with the capacity to serve them well. Dr. Kissinger’s betrayal plan for Rhodesia, the last of the betrayals of the West {South Africa followed in 1994}, has the warm approval of International Finance, which has consistently worked to create the much-published “One World.”

The question of whether Dr. Kissinger is, or was, a KGB agent is of academic interest only. Kissinger has, in a number of statements, made it clear that he believes that the One World can only come through international control of the raw materials of the world. International control must be extended also to food supplies.

Such international control means increasing links with International Communism. A former American naval director Admiral Umwelt, reports that he was present at a briefing meeting at which Dr. Kissinger said: “The day of the United States is past and today is the day of the Soviet Union. My job as Secretary of State is to negotiate the most acceptable second-best position available.”