Kings of Britain

Kings of Britain

THERE IS NOTHING MORE FRUSTRATING THAN PICKING UP ANY HISTORICAL BOOK ABOUT BRITAIN and reading nothing more than Roman crap and bullshit. When it comes to British history some have a great failing in as much as nothing happened before the Romans arrived. No one really lived here according To some historians and academics except a few tribes called Celts.

The thing is when it comes to British History, producer of a popular archaeological program knows absolutely nothing about British History or the Kings that Ruled the country long before the Romans came.

Why is it that whenever they are on one of these digs and they come across an old church they automatically assumes that it is either Roman or Anglo Saxon?

On Sunday January the 25th 2004 they aired a program digging up skeletons.

Anglo Saxon women were noted as being small yet they came across a woman who at first they believed to be 6 foot tall and buried with a shield and a dagger.

Automatically they assume she was and Anglo Saxon, not even considering that she could have been British and was maybe part of the Boadacea rebellion. Did they do forensic tests on the actual bones they found? Maybe they didn’t even do a carbon 14 test to find out the age of the bones.
I very much doubt it. I cant say for sure myself, but Boadacea did poison herself or used an adder to strike the final blow after being defeated by the Romans in her last battle that almost destroyed the entire Roman army in Britain.