Judas Iscariot an Old Type in a New Form

Judas Iscariot an Old Type in a New Form

A WORLD all rollicking and plunging like that old Roman one, when the measure of its iniquities was full; the abysses and subterranean and supernal deluges, plainly broken loose; in the wild dim-lighted chaos, all stars of Heaven gone out. No star of heaven visible, hardly now to any man; the pestiferous fogs and foul exhalations grown continual, have, except on the highest mountain-tops, blotted-out all stars; will-o’-wisps, of various course and colour, take the place of stars. Over the wild surging-chaos, in the leaden air, are only sudden glares of revolutionary lightning ; then mere darkness with philanthropists phosphorescences, empty meteoric lights.

It was after reading the above lines from Carlyle that the idea was first suggested to me of writing the present book, and pointing out those who are planning our catastrophe. This catastrophe is one that will surely overtake us all, unless we take measures and apply the remedy—a remedy that is plainly shown in the pages that follow.

The Jews and the Jewish press have of late more than once asserted that the author is himself a Jew. This is a malicious and unfounded statement. The author is not a Jew, and not a drop of Jewish blood flows in his veins. He is a Greek by birth and education, and his family, as regards respectability and learning, stands second to none in the kingdom of Hellas.

The Jews also make reference to my “antecedents-.” There is nothing in my life, or to use their term, in my “antecedents,” that I am ashamed to have the world know. I arrived in America about twenty years ago, with $15 in my pocket, and by dint of hard work and perseverance, unaided, I created the position that I occupy to-day in the literary world. The Hellenic government, on account of my literary productions, bestowed upon me the Royal Cross, of which I have every reason to feel proud. Among my pupils I count the most distinguished teachers, professors, and ministers in this country. For more than ten years I directed one of the most successful private schools in the city of New York. There is nothing therefore in my “ antecedents” that I am afraid to have the Jews or the world know.

Ever since I published “The Original Mr. Jacobs” the Jews have hounded me and persecuted me day and night. Some time ago I was accused of embezzling the funds of the Minerva Publishing Company—a company which I founded myself, with my own money and brains. I was arrested, and for a time the Jewish press published the vilest calumnies against me. If there is any man in the United States towards whom I feel a debt of gratitude, it is the man who undertook my defence, and who won for me a brilliant victory. Although accused of a mean and contemptible act, I was appointed the receiver of the Minerva Publishing Company, and a few days after my appointment the entire concern passed into my hands.

Certainly no more complete vindication could have been given against the baseless accusations that were brought against me ; no advocate ever obtained a more brilliant victory for a client than the one won by my friend and counsellor.

I know the Jews too well to fear their mutter- ings or their threats. I have undertaken a battle which I know I shall win, nor will I lay down my pen before the victory is mine.