Judaism – The World’s Strangest Religion

Judaism – The World’s Strangest Religion

YET THE JEWS THEMSELVES SAY THAT JUDAISM IS NOT A RELIGION: “Judaism was not a religion but a law.” [1] Which shows that one of the great myths of our time is that a Jewish synagogue is the same thing as a Christian church. Even the Jews disagree with this, just as they do the definition of Judaism. Most people think that the only difference is that Christians believe that the Messiah has already arrived in the personage of Jesus Christ while the Jews reject Christ.

What Are The Real Differences?

1). Christians believe that those who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and lead a righteous life will be rewarded with eternal life in heaven while sinners who are unforgiven will go to a burning hell. But the Jewish Encyclopaedia (1948 edition) relates a different story: “Heaven, it was thought, must merely be an idealized state of existence on earth!” [2] “Beliefs about the hereafter never solidified into dogmas in Judaism–-Traditional Judaism consigns this subject to the realm – of those hidden matters on which it is deemed inadvisable to speculate. The final destiny of the individual is subordinated to the question of the future of the Jewish people.” [3]

Thus Judaism is based on the future success of the Jewish people and not upon a heavenly reward from God. However, Orthodox Jews believe that the Judgement Day will arrive when all Gentiles are dominated by the Jewish Nation!