John Tyndall – A Tribute

John Tyndall – A Tribute

JOHN TYNDALL – FOUNDER OF THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY, editor of Spearhead and chairman of the National Front during its most successful era – died on July 19th a few days after his 71st birthday. His shockingly premature death leaves the racial nationalist movement reeling at the loss of its most astute and courageous leader.

There could never be a good time to endure such a loss, but it seems particularly tragic that we have lost JT precisely at the moment when the ideas to which he devoted his life have been most thoroughly vindicated, while the party he created remains in crisis.

Born in Exeter on July 14th 1934, John Tyndall spent his childhood in the London area and was educated at Beckenham & Penge Grammar School. Devoting his earliest years to sport, he had trials as a fast bowler with Kent County Cricket Club before national service in Germany with the Royal Horse Artillery.

The Tyndall family was descended from William Tyndale, the pioneer translator of the Bible into English, who was a persistent irritant to the political authorities of his time and was burned at the stake in 1536. A more recent ancestor was JT’s namesake and great-great-uncle Professor John Tyndall, one of Britain’s greatest scientists.