Independent Proof Jews Behind Race Mixing

Independent Proof Jews Behind Race Mixing

In order to understand Jewish thinking on this matter, one must first recognize that the Jews are a very unique people.

The Jews are bound to one another by three different means— which no other people in the world have in common.

1. The Jews have one religion—Judaism!

2. The Jews are of one nation—Israel!

3. The Jews are of one Race!

Race is defined as a group of people who have inbred with their own kind for centuries and exhibit like features and characteristics. Thus the Jews of today are a tight-knit race, and highly conscious of the great gulf which separates them from White Christians.

Gentiles do not have even the basic rudiments of unity existing in Jewry. We are of many different churches, different nationalities and from divided language groups of Europe. Feuds, wars, jealousy and hatreds have always divided our White Folk.

This division has made it easy, for a skilful and highly organized Jewish minority to dominate us.

If anyone is in doubt about Jewish control over our daily lives, let them check on who owns all the stores on Main Street. Find out who controls the three T. V. Networks. (Sarnoff heads NBC, Paley (Palensky) heads CBS and David Goldenson heads ABC.)

Check who controls Hollywood, or which racial group controls many of the giant combines buying controlling interest in thousands of formerly Christian owned companies in America!