Jews as Criminals

Jews as Criminals

Without the solution of the Jewish Question, there is no salvation for the peoples of the world.
This realization has blazed a trail in Germany; in increasing measure, it is becoming the common property of all nations of culture.

Despite the fierce and fiery reaction of its blind or bought allies, the disastrous role of the Jew, this parasite upon the body of every people is being drawn more and more into the light of day. Everywhere where morality, law, and order succumb to disintegration, where racketeering and corruption devour the economy, where materialistic dialectics undermine the foundations of faith, where Marxist propaganda transforms politics into a criminal reality, where the healthy race of the people is made sick and desecrated — there one meets everywhere the tracks of the Jew.

That is the historical experience of every century and of all peoples. The new and peculiar, which the Present adds to this ancient human experience, is the appearance of Bolshevism; in its shape World Jewry rises to the decisive attack upon the peoples of culture.

The frequent criminality of the Jew is as well known a fact as its peculiar inclination and aptitude for fraud, dirty enterprises, cheating in gambling, usury, sexual offences of all kinds, pickpocketing, high treason, etc. These things shall find their confirmation here. Beyond this, however, evidence is introduced that the role of Jewry in criminality does not limit itself to a more or less large participation, but rather is much more significant. In actually, the final threads of the criminal world come together in the hand of the Jew. The Jew is not only beneficiary of crime, he is also the leader and wire-puller of the criminal Underworld.

Yet at the same time the Jew is irrefutable spokesman and director of Bolshevism. How could it be otherwise, where Bolshevism [11] represents nothing other than a politically camouflaged, organized criminal sphere on a world scale? Thus, just as the spirochetes which are the bearers of syphilis, so the Jews are the carriers of criminality in its political and non-political form.