Jews and Blacks

Jews and Blacks

What explains continued Jewish support for black causes long after blacks have unequivocally turned against their erstwhile ally? Or, in modern psychobabble, “Why does she still stay in the abusive relationship?” Moreover, how might this Jewish co-dependency be undermined? Is there a handy twelve-step program for this disorder? Given that the entire contemporary civil rights political agenda (affirmative action and related “colour sensitive” evils) might collapse into a mere nuisance without Jewish money, brains and dynamism, these are hardly trivial questions.

The Historical Record

To begin with, let me read into the record two facts as one submits court documents. Exhibit A is the Jewish contribution to black well being. This monumental bestowal properly requires a massive tome. Jews have already assisted as prominent leaders and financial benefactors. The Julius Rosenwald Foundation virtually single-handedly bankrolled the NAACP’s Legal Defence Fund (Rosenwald’s generosity likewise once helped educate 25 to 40% of Southern black children!). Decades back the Jewish philanthropists Jacob Shiff and Felix Warburg were similarly munificent. More than half the lawyers and freedom riders assisting Southern black civil rights activists during the 1960’s were Jewish. Martin Luther King, Jr., James Farmer, among many others, all relied on Jewish advisors (and Jewish gelt [money]). The Jewish Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Congress, and the American Jewish Committee (among numerous other Jewish organizations) have been “movement” stalwarts. Elected Jewish leaders have uniformly been pro-civil rights, while ordinary Jews are the most racially liberal demographic group. The Wall Street Journal recently noted that nearly all high-ranking black executives worked in Jewish run corporations. And on and on. Perhaps only Israel has drawn more fervent support in the pantheon of Jewish causes!

Exhibit B is wretched black anti-Semitism. The facts are again plain–even Ivory Tower academics admit it. Repeated national polls show blacks more anti-Semitic than whites, even when statistically adjusting for socio-economic status. A 1992 survey revealed that blacks were often twice as likely as whites to endorse anti-Jewish stereotypical, e.g., Jews favor shady business practices or have excessive economic power. More telling is explicit Jew-hating permeating black popular culture. The virulent anti-Jewish messages of Public Enemy, Professor Griff and other rap artists evidently do not offend black audiences judging by the millions of records sold. Damning Jewish Ghetto merchants (even long after they have sold their stores) is apparently an honoured black tradition. That both Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan have risen to respected mainstream figures among ordinary blacks (and NAACP, as well) despite praising Hitler’s killing of six million Jews speaks louder than any poll.