Jesus Christ Was Not a Jew

Jesus Christ Was Not a Jew

Do the above headlines shock you? We certainly hope they do! for it is about time that the Chris­tian people awaken to the fact that they have been brainwashed by the Jews with the “big lie technique” to the falsehood that Jesus was a Jew.

We ask you now, to set aside all prejudice in the matter and as God states in the Bible, “Come let us reason together”.

There are two ways that a person can be a Jew; ra­cially or religiously. Let us now see whether Jesus fits either of these categories.

Ninety-five percent of the people that we know as Jews today, are mongrels. That is they are a product of the amalgamation of many races.

The majority of the Jews are Asiatics, of Mongolian, stock. They are the descendents of Cain. No racial Jew is an Is­raelite. That’s right, we re-peat, NO RACIAL JEW IS AN ISRAELITE. The Bible itself identifies the Jews as the seed of Cain thereby identify­ing Satan as their father.