The Secret Instructions of The Jesuits

The Secret Instructions of The Jesuits

HIS WORK IS PRESENTED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE in the hope that it will aid in the good work of enlightenment, and help in preserving and purifying our Republican institutions from the blighting influences of foreign ecclesiasticism which, under the guise of religion, has corrupted and polluted every country and people wherever permitted to establish itself.

Americans, heed the warning ere it be too late. Romanism and Jesuitism are inseparable; where one is there the other may be found secretly working to subvert and enslave.

Read this book; help spread it throughout the land that our countrymen may be forewarned—if forewarned is fore-armed.
The proceeds from the sales of this work are devoted to the spread of the Gospel among Roman Catholics, and unmasking the true aims and purposes of the Roman hierarchy— the destruction of our Public school system, and the establishment of Romanism as a State religion in America to the exclusion of all others.

Yours, for God and Country,