Its Time

Its Time

IT IS TIME YOU MEN OF ISRAEL TO STOP YOU STUPID AND SILLY BICKERING. It is time to stand together against the enemy that would destroy us and our families if they only could.

Whenever one of the White’s in the Nationalist Party are attacked by the enemy, those in the KKK and the Christian Identity and other White People, their leaders will say, shhhhh while the enemy is attacking them they are letting us be, so be quiet and don’t stir them up.

Whenever one of the KKK people or group is attacked, the leaders of the National Socialist say shhhhhh the enemy is after them and letting us alone, so be quiet and not get their attention focused back on us. The Christian Identity people are much the same. If we make no trouble for them perhaps they will let us slide by for awhile.

One camp in the National Socialists say I don’t like Covington; another group says I don’t like those who don’t like Covington; others don’t like any of the others because they want to be recognized as something great.

Its time to join together in a common cause and that is defeating the enemy at whatever cost it takes. Fight and destroy them, in the press, on television, on radio (support those shortwave networks that are fighting the good fight against the enemy, you spend your money on women and beer and booze, well stop drinking and spend your money on these shortwave networks; they are fighting the good fight while you try to get into your brother Israelite’s wife’s britches, or bed his daughter, sister or something. Stop that foolishness, for God will not help us while we do those things. Stand up like men, and fight the enemy with every thing you have.