Irish Wisdom Preserved In Bible and Pyramds

Irish Wisdom Preserved In Bible and Pyramds

In offering these pages to the public I am in accord with a sentiment which is universal, at least I believe among enlightened minds, and that is the desire to know the truth of history instead of the fiction which has been substituted therefor. In these pages I have drawn aside the veil with which true history has been hidden, besides disclosing what agencies perpetrated this great deception and their reasons for so doing; thereby I enable the reader to obtain a clear perspective of the past.

The Muse of History has had no official chronicler to record the events of mankind and preserve them intact for the inspection of posterity. Instead, the field has been preempted and exploited by powerful and selfish interests who have falsified history to an outrageous extent. During a former age a system of records and a chronicle of events came down to us until a comparatively recent time, historically speaking, which gave a true account and a just portrayal of life in those ancient times. The reason for this was that it was the natural and obvious result of a static or settled state of society which lasted for thousands of years, and there was no object or purpose in concealment. During those ages the intellectual powers had full play, and the individual man reached a higher plane poetically, philosophically and spiritually than at other period in the World’s history. This may be rightly called the Celtic Cultural Age. To this age we look back as the source from which we obtained the great gifts which we of today esteem as of the most priceless value to mankind.

The causes inherent in man and society which brought about a change from this ancient social state, resulting in the suppression of the history of those times and substitution therefor of a mass of fiction, are told the first time in these pages. I might easily have enlarged this little volume; in fact it was with difficulty that I was enabled to keep it within its present compressed form. To enlarge upon or to extend some of the topics treated herein, such as the Bible, would require a very large volume or series of volumes in themselves.

However, I hope that I have given out enough of truth in this work to interest or to help everyone into whose hands it may come. Believing this to be so, I send it forth to go from man to man like a messenger to deliver its message of Light and Truth.