International Jewry US War Department Investigation 1919

International Jewry US War Department Investigation 1919

The below given report is a U.S. War Department investigation and evaluation of issues generated by Jewish power. It was compiled in August 1919 and given SECRET classification until 1973.

A hard copy of this document may be obtained from U.S. National Archives in Washington DC, – its number is 245-1. HERE and HERE

NOTE: This entire document is reproduced verbatim and presented with all due respect to Polish people who take the time and the risk to make this document available when so many try to hide such valuable information to this day, even though it was technically declassified in 1973!

This is PART 1, of serial parts as transcribed by PAPUREC.


The recent emphasis in American public opinion placed on the part the Jews have been taking in world events, has seemed to warrant the Department in undertaking a preliminary study of the particular matters in controversy and also the larger question of the scope of Jewish influence in world affairs today. Among the more important points around which controversy has waged are: