In Quest of The White God

In Quest of The White God

COLUMBUS REPORTED NOVEMBER 6, 1492 that after a march of twelve miles his messengers found a village with perhaps 1000 inhabitants. The natives (called Indians by Columbus) received them with great ceremony, lodged them in the most beautiful of houses, carried them around in their arms, kissed their feet, and in short tried to make clear to them in every possible way that it was known the White men came from the Gods. About 50 men and women asked my messengers to be allowed to travel back with them to the heaven of the Eternal Gods.’

Fray Bernandino Shagun:.’They could do practically anything, for nothing seemed to difficult for them, they cut the green stone, they melted gold, and all this came from Quetzalcoatl, arts and knowledge.’

The Author: Pierre Honore an internationally known scientist and diplomat. He was in Brazil as director of a research institute and advisor to the government, and was able to travel extensively through out Latin America and was able to examine remains of a great civilization, a study to which he devoted more than 15 years. This book was translated from the German in 1964, and became the first American Edition.

Pierre Honore although he found the evidence of the existence of the White Gods in legend and other works of Archaeology and so forth, still he himself went to the source of the great stone pictures before he was through with his research. And without a doubt there was a great White civilization in South America a long time before the Birth of Christ. And more White migrations occurred over the years and the civilization moved to the north from its original source into the land of the Maya, and the Aztec as this book will show.

(Ella compiled this manuscript in 1984 while in her wheelchair, after having fallen and broken her hip. Said this was one of her favourite works)(I am going to try to give you a summary of the content of this amazing book. We would remind you that our Aryan race has forgotten their heritage. They seem to know nothing about the years of Enoch as he walked this earth in perfect obedience, and Archaeology calls them the Golden Years. They do not know the people of THE BOOK, therefore do not know of the accomplishments of our race in different eras of time. Ella Rose Mast