I Will do All My Pleasure

I Will do All My Pleasure

TURN TO THE BOOK OF ISAIAH CHAPTER 45 where God speaks out to Israel and says: Remember me. There is no God beside me. There is no saviour beside me. I am the ONE, the only one. Chapter 46: There is none like unto me, I shall do all of my pleasure (vs:l0).

Thus to the house of Israel he says, remember these things. Remember them from ancient times. And remember that I alone am God.

Of course God speaks thus to the house of Israel because they were a people who were with him in the heavens above before the world was framed. And he refers to the fact that your names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world. That we stood by and saw the creation of this earth, and the latter creation of this earth.
And then God brought his spiritual children down to earth and brought them through the Adamic race. Then raised upon unto them his prophets and his ministers to declare unto his people his purpose and his plan, and all of his household. And now he is saying: Remember these things. Remember them these things of old, for I am YAHWEH, The Eternal God. And down thru all of these years that have passed, I alone am God, thus there is no God to the right or to the left for I alone am God.