Hostis Humani Generis or Antis-Semitism Found

Hostis Humani Generis or Antis-Semitism Found

An essay on a pivotal issue of our era From GANPAC BRIEF, “News and Views by Hans Schmidt” No. 165, July 1996 and No. 166, August 1996.

This paper has been written for the benefit of those who, like the American conservative William Buckley, have been in search of anti-Semitism. Upon reading the enclosed material they may come to rest. They have found it here.

The problem with understanding anti-Semitism is that it is only through our Jewish dominated intelligentsia and media of mass communication that anti-Semitism is presented and explained. Only that anti-Jewish material which portrays anti-Semitism in a negative light is presented to the public. Responsible and substantive anti-Semitism is vigorously suppressed. Those who would oppose and criticize the Jews and their

agendas are demonised and terrorized into silence. Their speech is said to be “hate speech,” and this “hate speech” should not be allowed public expression. Little wonder that one must search intensely to find anti-Semitism. But unless one understands the Jewish question it is impossible to understand what has been happening in America and in Europe during the past century.

Because the viewpoints expressed here cannot receive a fair public forum under present conditions, this paper has been mailed to many thousands of politically active conservatives and to persons in government, academia, and the media of mass communication. Names were selected at random from various lists.