Hostile Takeovers

Hostile Takeovers

The Individual vs. The Corporation

“Everyone you meet is either a wolf or a sheep.”

SHEEP PRODUCE, CREATE, BUILD, AND INCREASE. WOLVES TAKE, KEEP, PULL DOWN, REND, DEVOUR, AND DESTROY. Sheep live peacefully in sheepfolds. Wolves live in raucous crime- filled dens. Sheep function as individuals, wolves function as members of the pack – they operate in corporations.

Sheep obey their Shepherd. Wolves obey the policy of their pack leader, the alpha wolf. The Shepherd orders his sheep to live in sheepfolds, each an individual king, each ruling his own kingdom (farm), each judging his kingdom under the law of his Shepherd.

Mysterious China

China has been the terminal of the overland spice trade with India and Europe for more than two thousand years. The wealthiest people in the world live in China. The leaders of the rest of the world beat a path to her door to bow to their rulers. The Westerner who considers planes, tanks, and armies to be a match for a nation forced to use money and diplomacy instead of force is a fool.