Hoskins Report South Africa

Hoskins Report South Africa

Hoskins Report
Chapter 230
South Africa

THE PRESENT ATTEMPT TO INTEGRATE SOUTH AFRICA IS DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to the imperium of “separation” now running full flood over the world. The various races in the Soviet Union are separating, the Baltic is separating, China has driven Westerners from her shores. Black Africa has done the same, and is also separating her own Black races into their component parts. America’s inner cities are being turned into independent Black nations as Black on White guerrilla war goes into high gear and drives away the Westerners who built the cities and who once lived there. While non-Westerners are forcing Westerners from their lands, they are also forcing non-Westerners into Western lands. Westerners are beginning to suspect that the double standard is a well thought out plan to destroy the Western enclaves and the Westerners who live there.

Virginia’s Footsteps

In many ways, South Africa’s ordeal appears to be like Virginia’s. Virginia was the victim of a devastating war, just as South Africa was. Before the war Virginia was self-sufficient. Her plantation system produced almost everything her people needed and her vast surplus was sold elsewhere which made her people rich. What the plantation didn’t produce or make was obtained by trading with the next plantation, or the closest village trading centre which stocked or made the speciality items needed.

Virginia had no army. Everyone from the age 16-60 was a militiaman. If called upon to repel an invader, Virginia had 75,000 militiamen available instantly – armed and trained at their own expense. Many of her officers had paid their own way to attend the Virginia Military Institute to learn to become efficient warriors. Militia artillerymen paid for their own cannon. One six-gun Virginia battery was counted as superior to two four-gun federal batteries.