The Hoskins Report – The Media Blitz

The Hoskins Report – The Media Blitz

Cloak of Nimrod

NIMROD HAD A CLOAK. When he wore the cloak all who heard him believed him and became his servants. He used these servants to build Babylon and the great Tower of Babel.

Esau hid in ambush and killed Nimrod and stole his cloak[1]. Fleeing from Nimrod’s bodyguards he rushed exhausted to Jacob and sold him his birth right in exchange for food. He believed that his birth right was worthless because he would soon be killed.

Esau lost his birth right, but his descendants obtained the Cloak and became powerful. They fought Jacob’s descendants and also fought among themselves. Their internecine warfare caused them more distress than had the war with Jacob, so they agreed never to be ruled by one of their own kind again. They agreed to always be ruled by a foreigner[2].

Turkey saw its greatest days when ruled by foreigners called Janissaries (Turkish – “white slaves”. Egypt became great ruled by foreigners who were slaves. These appointed slave-rulers abused their adopted countries and so the Turks and Egyptians slew them – and both countries immediately declined in power and wealth.

Today, Esau’s rulers are again appointed by strangers who operate under the shadowy name of The International Trade Cartel” (ITC).

Professor Carroll Quigley in his book Tragedy and Hope[3] had this to say about this system: