Hoskins Report Chairman Mao and The Waco Massacre

Hoskins Report Chairman Mao and The Waco Massacre

A person’s opinion is a direct result of what has been placed in his databanks. Control the data – and you control the person.

America’s Databanks

THE GOVERNMENT CLAMPED ON MONOPOLY CONTROL OF DATA CONCERNING THEIR ASSAULT ON THE WACO COMPOUND. The only data that went into America’s databanks was PsyWar data. All news was tightly censored. Those targeted were denied a voice; reporters were kept 2 miles away; trespassers seeking information were taken into custody; alternate-media reporters were arrested; all news and announcements were channeled through government secret service spokesmen.

According to the spokesman, the Davidians were “killed accidentally,” were “victims of a fire purposely set by their leaders,” or committed “mass-suicide.” Also, they were believed to have had either “illegal,” “unnecessary,” or “too many stockpiled guns.”

In the 51 days they were under siege, the FBI spokesman found no redeeming virtues in the besieged. They were totally bad; “they cursed,” “used 4-letter words,” “lied,” “were sacrilegious claiming to be god,” “were insane,” “manufactured drugs,” “assaulted babies leaving them bleeding,” “held children hostage,” “sexually assaulted children,” “held women hostage,” “were suicide-prone,” “committed suicide,” and – without trial, were pronounced “guilty” by the director of the FBI.