Hoskins Report Corporations and Estates

Hoskins Report Corporations and Estates

Everyone you meet is either a wolf or a sheep. (Wolf and The Sheep)
Wolf & The Sheep

Every government, army, church, or political organization is organized like a sheepfold or a wolf-den. The shootout at Ruby Ridge and the one in progress in Waco has everything to do with wolves and sheep, corporations and estates. America is witnessing the wolf-den’s attempt to stamp out the last remnants of sheep organization.

Corporations Organized Like Wolf-Packs

The Shepherd ordained the self-sufficient Biblical homestead for his sheep[1]. It is there they were told to live. It is sheeps’ kingdom![2] The king of kings who rules the fold is the Shepherd.

Sheep, free of wolf-domination, live within a sheep-fold and rule their own farm-kingdoms, although they may have business partnerships in nearby trading centres. Wolves live tightly packed together in den-cities. The leader of the sheepfold is the Shepherd.

The leader of the wolf-den is the pack leader – the Alpha-wolf prince. The sheepfold lives by the unchanging “Law” of the Shepherd. The wolf-den lives under the constantly-changing “policy” of the Alpha-wolf.

Sheepfolds are ruled by Law from the “bottom-up” with every man a king. Wolf-dens are ruled by the alpha-wolf’s policy from the top down in a stair-step hierarchy. The sheepfold is composed of “sole ownerships” and “partner-ships.” The wolf-den is “corporate” in structure and operates under “general policy” outlined in the 10 planks of the 1848 Manifesto! [3].