Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated

Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated

Compulsory Vaccination is an instance of a law which inflicts actual disease and possible death on the human body and propagates and disseminates deadly infections widely upon animals and mankind. This is surely a glaring instance of a law which is not based on Wis­dom or Sanity and is a Menace to the Health and Security of Human­ity and the State.

“This amazing act is the homicidal insanity of a whole profession. This is blood assassination.” Dr. James J. Garth Wilkinson, 1876.

“It is unwise for the physician to force the operation upon those who are unwilling, or to give assurances of absolute harmlessness.” Dr. Osler’s “Modern Medicine,” 1913, Vol. I, page 848.

“Vaccination is not always a harmless procedure; it must be looked upon as the production of an acute infectious disease.” Dr. Milton J. Rosenau, 1914.

“Against the body of a healthy man Parliament has no right of assault whatever, under pretence of the public health.” Professor F. W. Newman, of Oxford.

“Vaccination is a delusion, its penal enforcement a crime.” Professor Alfred Russel Wallace, in “The Wonderful Century,” 1899.