The Historical Influence of International Banking

The Historical Influence of International Banking

THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANKERS WERE THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, a secretive society created and sponsored by an even more secret society known as the “Priory De Scion” during the time of the Christian Crusades to recapture the Holy Lands from Muslim control.

The “Priory De Scion” has had considerable historical influence in Europe from the time of the Crusades to the present.  The reason that most persons have not heard of the “Priory De Scion” is that they work secretly behind the scenes.

Christopher Columbus was a secret member of the “Priory De Scion” and on his voyage of discovery to the “New World,” his Flag Ship had the Templar Cross emblem on the Main Sail. This was unusual because the Templars had been outlawed by that time in history.

A list of the “Grand Masters of the Priory De Scion” would include such notables as Leonardo Da Vinci and Sir Isaac Newton.  This secret organization still wields extraordinary secret power in  modern Europe and has exercised a large influence in creating the present European Union.2

The  Knights Templar were required to take oaths of poverty and chastity to become members. Their stated mission was to guard the roads to the Holy Land.  Their popularity became so great that they became a political force with which even kings had to reckon.