The Gospel of St. John Identity Interpretation

The Gospel of St. John Identity Interpretation

IN 1997, POPE JOHN PAUL II ANNOUNCED that a new “translation” of the New Testament would be necessary because over the centuries there were mistranslation made in the New Testament regarding the Jews and Jesus Christ.

What Pope John Paul II failed to mention was the fact that the church fathers and 21 Church Councils not only backed up the “anti-Semitic” statements in the New Testament in regard to the Jews but reaffirmed them, time after time and called for action to curb the Jews.

The announcement by John Paul II, was not the first in the shots being fired in the war by the Jews against Christianity.

In the 1950’s the “New Revised Version” of the New Testament was first published by those who wanted to tear down Christianity, and more recently a number of new “interpretations” of the New Testament have been published in an effort to absolve the Jews of any wrong doing over the centuries.

One recent edition just simply took out all of the references deemed to be critical of the Jews, including about half of the Gospel of St. John. (“New International Version: Holy Bible.”)