God’s Kingdom Plan

God’s Kingdom Plan

THE “OLD ORDER” IS GONE; and the old social standards, economic practices, governmental set-ups and religious systems, which have endured for so many centuries, are breaking down before our very eyes.

The issue confronting the world today is not one of saving the “Old Order,” but rather of determining what the “New Order” shall be.

World leaders everywhere are zealously striving to make the world over, and all of them are either totally ignorant of, or else completely ignore, the only program which can save mankind from a return to the “Dark Ages,” namely, “THE ORDER OF THE LORD.

The complete plans and specifications for this “New Order” are found in the Holy Scriptures; and with world leaders and statesmen bankrupt of ideas, except a return to the old Assyrian system of dictatorship and regimentation, it is high time that we turn to the “sure word of prophecy” for light and guidance.

In the Sacred Record, the prophets have left a pre-written history of the tragic failure of man’s attempt to establish peace and security under the jungle law of “Self-preservation as the first law of nature,” and every detail of their prophecies has been fulfilled to the present time.  In fact, more than 90% of these prophecies have been literally fulfilled and it is only reasonable to expect that the remaining 10% will be equally dependable.

We have now come to the “end of the age,” when the “kingdoms of this world” are to be weighed in the balance, and since all of them, without exception, have failed to bring peace and security to the earth, they will all be “found wanting” and be rejected.

In their place will be established the new “Order of the Lord,” in which every man “shall sit under his own wine and fig tree, none making him afraid,” and in which peace, security, justice and freedom shall be the inalienable heritage of every man.

In the hope that many may be led to “search the Scriptures” to learn of the Lord’s Plan of the Ages, which is the only hope for a sin-sick, war-torn world, we are devoting this entire number of the Interpreter to a brief summary of “The Story the Bible Tells.”