Gathering The Nations

Gathering The Nations

AMONG THE FORCES, WHICH GUIDE INTERNATIONAL POLICIES AND RULE THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD, significant changes have occurred within the lifetime of this generation.

Changes too vast and significant to escape the notice of Yahweh. Among the most evident of these is the strong movement to bind all the nations into one organization, the United Nations; so one group of men may be the undisputed masters of the entire world.

They would rule with irresistible force in their own interest, crushing any who might oppose them. What would we find if we were able to uncover those who are the real masters over many politicians and rule them out of the shadows?

We have seen the United Nations in action for many years. We have seen it utterly impotent for good but powerful enough for evil. We see the constant efforts, even on the part of some Americans, to extend this power over us, so that we may become a helpless pawn in the power of the nations, which envy and hate us. May Yahweh pity and save this nation, if the one worlders have their way!

Has Yahweh overlooked this remarkable phenomenon? No indeed, nothing important escapes His foreknowledge. The Bible contains many prophecies, which deal with this organization, and none of them are favourable to it. We know that this fact will arouse the bitter hatred of many people who consider themselves well meaning.