Free Britain – No. 145

Free Britain – No. 145

A Cornerstone in Terrorism

MOST FAVOURED NATION TO BECOME CUSTODIAN OF THE HYDROGEN BOMB, Condensed from a report by our Correspondent—Hilary Cotter.

U.N.O. is to have a new home. The world stock of A and H bombs is to be placed in its safekeeping. To “satisfy Russian demands” a neutral location has been chosen for the United Nations permanent headquarters.

This is the big surprise the world’s statesmen are now preparing. But it will not be announced until international tension and the hydrogen bomb terror have reduced the nations (through propaganda) to a state of mind in which they will clutch at any straw.

Why the hesitancy? Because our leaders and those of America and Russia are shy of men­tioning the name of the neutral country which will become possessed of all the terror weapons of the atomic age, and which will become at the same time the seat of the future World Government.

Only when we are brought to the brink of a Third World War, will it be timorously made known that the great powers are “thinking that perhaps” the most suitable location for U.N.O. as the custodian of the hydrogen bomb, would be the neutral state of Israeli.

Such a staple and ingenious way of ending the universal terror is expected to bring tears of relief all around— “Why didn’t someone think of it before?”

Below are the names of those who DID THINK OF IT BEFORE—before the atom bomb was thought of, before the Jews (Zionists) obtained Palestine—even before the U.N.O.