Forgotten Commentary on Homosexuality

Forgotten Commentary on Homosexuality

THE APPALLING STORY told by Mr. Seelig in the foregoing pages is much more than a personal tragedy that must excite sympathy and pity in every human heart. It is a story that is terrible in the full sense of that word: it should strike terror into the heart of every American who hopes that his children will not regret having been born.

As America’s most eminent journalist suggests in his introduction to the present book, Mr Seelig’s account should be verified in every particular by diligent and intrepid investigators. But such verification could only confirm what we all know – or would know, if we paid attention to the evidence that has been accumulating for decades.

Mr. Seelig’s narrative confronts us with two facts that cannot be denied, and to which it would be cowardly and disastrous to close our eyes. Those fact are, of course, the ever-increasing perversion of law and judicial process in our country and the epidemic sexual perversion that has brought us to the verge of moral imbecility.

The perversion of law – that is to say, the use of pseudo-legal processes to protect the guilty by destroying the witnesses to their guilt – is both common and notorious. It is so notorious that one can only wonder at the fatuous apathy of a public that does nothing about it because each individual believes that he personally can escape if he, like a rabbit, runs away and silently hides himself in the weeds.